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Many of us, especially later in life, become a little more retrospective, and develop a greater desire to connect with those we knew years ago but have lost contact with. It could be that college roommate from our freshman year in the dorms, it could be the second baseman from our Little League team, or maybe cousin Mary who we haven’t seen in 40 years since she left for parts unknown.

There are many websites on the internet that provide opportunities for you to conduct your own research with the hope and promise that you will easily find that long lost relative or friend. Those sites include Ancestry.com , Familysearch.org, and many others. I’m guessing that some of you have already tried that route but were either discouraged by the subscription fees or the realization that it’s not as easy as it might first appear. This website offers you an opportunity to work with someone who has done this before many times and has slowly learned the most effective and efficient ways of conducting this kind of research.

While all of the information sources that I use are publicly available, most of them require a paid subscription. Those paid subscription services provide me an opportunity to discover and cross-check the results. My service offers you the opportunity to leverage my experience and paid subscriptions in a No Financial Risk way. With my service you Pay After I deliver results to you, Not Before.

In conducting genealogy projects over the past 7 years, I have routinely helped people to not only identify their ancestors, but also to connect with relatives and/or friends who might still be alive. When I’ve been successful, the vast majority of these connections have been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for everyone involved. It is from this personal experience that I decided to provide this “connection” service. Get more information about Find Relatives and Friends LLC.

The flat fee for a successful search, no matter how long it takes me, is $500. The fee is not due until after I deliver the Search Results to you and you are completely satisfied. There is no financial risk on your part. You pay me after, not before.

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