Delivering Results

If I’m not successful in finding the person you are trying to locate, I will email you and let you know and provide some detail as to why I think I was not successful. Again, if I’m not successful, you DO NOT owe me the $500 fee.

If I am successful, I will email you a summary of what I’ve discovered and screen shots of the more important documents and/or sources that led to the success. I will email you that information and will ask you to review it and determine if you are satisfied. If you could do that within 30 days, that would be great. If you are satisfied , then you will either PayPal or VenMo me the $500 fee.

The following is a list of what you might receive after a successful search. Every search will yield a different subset of documents and/or photos.

  • Current Phone number, (Cell and/or Land Line)
  • City/Town Name
  • Spouse Name
  • Adult children names
  • Parent Names
  • Level of Confidence that I’ve identified the correct person
  • Obituaries, Death and/or burial records if deceased
  • Screen prints of the key documents that led to the discovery

The flat fee for a successful search, no matter how long it takes me, is $500. The fee is not due until after I deliver the Search Results to you and you are completely satisfied. There is no financial risk on your part. You pay me after, not before.
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Sample Search Results

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