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How to Get Started and Things to Consider

Searching for someone you had a relationship with, (i.e. boyfriend, girlfriend, divorced or separated spouse), has the potential of being an unpleasant experience for the both of you. The likelihood of either you or the located person being uninterested or at worst angry or disappointed, is higher than if you are you are looking for a long lost cousin, a fellow Little League team member, or a college roommate. Please give this some thought before reaching out to me. I’d prefer, but obviously can’t predetermine, that the outcome of a successful search is a happy and fulfilling one for everyone involved.

Follow these steps:
  1. Assemble as much, (or as little), information that you have about that person
  2. Fill out, and submit, the form on the Send Request page of this website
  3. I will assess if there is a reasonable probability in locating the person that you are looking to find
  4. I will email you back with my assessment and setup a followup Zoom or telephone meeting
If you and I decide to move forward, here is what will happen next:
  1. I will conduct the research of publicly available information
  2. I will analyze that publicly available information
  3. I will supply you either contact information or death/burial information, (if the located person has passed)
    (If I’m not successful in locating the person, then I’ll let you know and no fee is due)

The flat fee for a successful search, no matter how long it takes me, is $500. The fee is not due until after I deliver the Search Results to you and you are completely satisfied. There is no financial risk on your part. You pay me after, not before.
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